Sunday Poem #3: ‘The Breathing’ by Denise Levertov

So absolute, it is / no other than / happiness itself, a breathing / too quiet to hear.

Sunday Poem #2: ‘I Would Like to be a Dot in a Painting by Miro’ by Moniza Alvi

But it's fine where I am / I'll never make out what's going on / around me, and that's the joy of it.

Beethoven Responds to Fanmail: The Great Composer’s Reply to an 8 Year Old Fan

'Only art and science raise men to the level of the gods.'

Sunday Poem #1: ‘Don’t Blame Anyone’ by Pablo Neruda

'You are part of the force of your life; now wake up, fight, get going, be decisive and you will triumph in life.'

The Yellow Butterfly: Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Secret to Realism in Fiction

'The problem for every writer is credibility. Anybody can write anything so long as it’s believed.'

Salvador Dali Illustrates ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Salvador Dali's illustrations of Alice in Wonderland are a surrealist fantasy come true.