The Story Of Everything: Carl Sagan’s Classic Wisdom

by on January 25, 2015

Carl Sagan on science, skepticism, and what we owe to the universe

Carl Sagan – scientist, author, champion of free thought and spirit of inquiry – was also one of our greatest popularisers of science. Carl Sagan’s masterpiece, Cosmos, is arguably the best science documentary series ever made. It is at once a sweeping, grand narrative of the history of civilisation and the story of our beginnings, as well as a passionate, almost spiritual treatise on science. Carl Sagan’s world view is relentlessly curious, decidedly skeptical, and wonderfully passionate. The series, as well as his books, are full of insights and anecdotes, and echo Sagan’s personal beliefs relating to the importance of inquiry and critical thought, the approach to science, and our place in the grand Universe.

In ‘Who Speaks For the Earth’, the final concluding episode of Cosmos, Carl Sagan movingly encapsulates many of his insights into life, the Universe and Everything, in his characteristic expressive way. Youtube user Inspiration Journey have set Carl’s timeless words to a beautiful soundtrack and video footage in a fitting tribute.

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