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Bertrand Russell: ‘What I Have Lived For’

Bertrand Russell's beautiful and succinct summary of what matters most in life.

How Pablo Neruda Came to Write His First Poem

'I felt an intense emotion and set down a few words, half rhymed but strange to me, different from everyday language...'

A Critical Inquiry Into: Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land

A look at science fiction's cult classic, and the ideas it espoused.

Vincent Van Gogh on Love, Procrastination, and the Struggle for Meaning

'All that I seek in painting is a way to make life bearable.'

How To Be More Creative in Two Minutes

Ira Glass on the most important aspect of creativity for beginners.

Must Watch: The Most Astounding Fact About the Universe

Neil de Grasse Tyson's beautiful, shiver-inducing and humbling account of greatest mystery about the Universe.