The Inner Monologue of a Procrastinator

by on May 14, 2016

Why procrastination is a toxic self-myth we feed ourselves: not because we’re lazy, but we’re scared

Contemplate this:

I would love to travel! I would love to go out more and spend more time with friends. I’d love to go wake up early and exercise more. I’d love to cook more. And I really, really would like to finally master French, Javascript, the piano. Get out that camera I bought myself and actually take photos. Call my family more often. Write. Oh, but where’s the time? I am so, so incredibly busy. If only…if only I had the time.

I know! I’ll do it this weekend. Just get up early and do all the things I’ve been meaning to. Not all, but at least some. Well, I guess I can sleep in a little…it’s the weekend, after all. Wow, the day is so long! I guess I can check out what everyone’s up to on Snapchat. Oh, I should check out that blog I used to read five years ago, I wonder if the author ever updated it recently. Wonder what’s happening on Twitter, I haven’t looked at my feed in ages.

Ah, the day flew by so fast! It’s such a pity I didn’t get to exercise. Or take pictures. Or learn French. Or cook. Ugh, but it’s only because I’ve been so, so busy. I’ll do it next weekend.


Another fantastic video brought to us by the fine folks at The School of Life.

Follow-up with a deeper exploration of theory in another post in our handy Ideas section here.

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