How To Criticize Meaningfully

Daniel Dennett offers practical advice - in four short pointers - on how to to criticize any argument meaningfully.

The Inner Monologue of a Procrastinator

Why procrastination is a toxic self-myth we feed ourselves: not because we're lazy, but we're scared.

The feminist response to slut shaming

Writer and Delhi University professor Nivedita Menon on the feminist response to slut shaming.

Perfectionism Is the Enemy

Bruce Lee warns on the dangers of chasing perfectionism under the guise of self-improvement.

How to Be Great

'Carve out the time. Put aside everything else. Realize that this life is limited and precious and amazing, and you shouldn’t waste a minute of it.'

Good Writing is a Process of Figuring Things Out

Paul Graham artfully deconstructs the art of the essay.